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Sunday January 29th 2023

219 Coutts Island Road, Belfast, Christchurch

All are welcome!

NEW!! There will be a “Second hand horse & rider” gear sale on site. All proceeds are going to the retired horses fund. For more info please contact us on 0272427785

General Information

This show is being held for the benefit of children who love to ride but, for whatever reason are unable to have their own pony.  However if you are lucky enough to have your own pony you are welcome to come along and some fun too!  Any child within the age ranges is eligible to enter however priority will be given to children who have attended riding lessons at Waimak River.

Age Ranges are between 5 to 11 years and 12 to 16 years.

As mounts are limited each child will be asked for a first and second choice mount and we will do our best to ensure that all will get to ride their most preferred mount at some stage during the day.

The first Open Classes begin at 9.30am Sharp.  Children must be here at 9am at the latest if they are competing to prepare their mounts.  If they wish to come earlier that is fine the gate will be open at 7am.

Free Sausage sizzle for competitors and $1.00 each for others from 11.30am to 1pm.

Please feel free to bring the whole family and friends, bring a picnic if you like and watch the kids having a great time! It’s a good idea to bring your chairs and some shelter from the sun and plenty of Sunblock

We would appreciate any parent help on the day if you are able. We will require a parking marshal to direct people to the Float and general parking areas.  A very special someone is needed to arrange morning tea for the Judges.   We also require ring stewards to call the riders in and assist the judge by taking notes and with prize giving at the end of each class.


Classes & prices

Each Class is numbered i.e. 00 to 16. The fee for each class is $3.50 for WRRC Riding School pupils and $5.00 per class for others.  Therefore if you want to enter classes 01 through to 05 the total will be $17.50 for WRRC Riding school pupils and $25.00 for others.

For Show Jumping the fee is $10.00 per class. 

Ground fee is $8.00 per rider

Classes 01 through 09 require the rider and mount to work in an oval/ring on both reins.  The Judge will tell you when to change the rein, this should be done in a loose figure of eight.  In Classes where canter is required please come back to trot to change the rein and then canter on again or as directed by the Judge.



Dress code:

  • Jodphurs and boots if you have them (otherwise long trousers and closed in shoes), plain shirt, sweatshirt and/or vest, rain jacket as required.
  • Helmets are mandatory and are available on-site if you do not have your own..
  • Plaiting is not essential but will be considered in the best presented classes and encouraged.
  • Ponies and Horses should be well groomed, with no visible mud on legs, heads or bodies and clean hooves, with appropriate saddles and bridles. Snaffle bits only.

Those who lease WRRC ponies may come and prepare their mount on the day before or any other days leading up to the Show. 

NO Dogs on the grounds with the exception of the Waimak dogs

  • Judges are both very experienced horsewomen and impartial.
  • The Judge’s decision is final and no discussion will be entered into.
  • Judges will ask the riders to line up in order of placings.
  • Ribbons from 1st to 6th  will be awarded
  • Late arrivals to the ring must approach the Judge/Steward to ask to be admitted.
  • Riders must not leave the ring until prizes have been awarded unless instructed to by the Judge. Then they will do one circuit around the ring in walk or trot or as the Judge requests, following the winning rider and mount out of the ring. All Prize ribbons must be removed before entering the ring for the next class.
  • Riders will be called into each ring prior to each class so must be ready.
  • Waimak River Adventures Riding School takes no responsibility for any injuries that may be caused during the course of the show.
  • Qualified First Aiders will be on-site if required.


Mini Show Schedule


Restricted Class

For those that lease WRRC ponies/Horses only

9.00am     00 In Hand or Ridden Handy Pony

     This is a class where the riders can show off their reassuring & convincing skills in the obstacle course.     

9.30am     01 In Hand Handy Pony

This a class where the leaders can show off their reassuring & convincing skills in the obstacle course.     

RING 1  ( for Children aged 5 to 11years only)

Ridden  Classes: 

10.30am   02 Best Presented

03 Best Walk – long rein and without contact

04 Best Trot – Sitting and Rising as the Judge requests

05 Best Mannered

06 Best Rider


RING 2 ( for Children 12 to 16 years )  


10.00am  07 In Hand Handy Pony

This a class where the leaders can show off their reassuring & convincing skills in the obstacle course.


Ridden Classes:  Start at 10.30 sharp

08 Best Presented

09 Best Walk – long rein and without contact

10 Best Trot – Sitting and Rising as the Judge requests

11 Best Mannered

12 Best Rider



Show Jumping

12.30pm   13. RTR poles on the ground (Child may be led)

1.00pm     14. RTR 40cm

1.30pm     15. RTR 80cm


Prize giving for the Show Jumping will; be at the conclusion of all Jumping Classes


Fancy Dress Start

2.30pm     16. Fancy Dress

This class is a “dress up” class with any theme the child chooses so both rider and mount are dressed appropriate to the theme! Riders can work in pairs or as individuals depending on ponies available and do not have to be mounted.  So much fun!


Please click the Enrolment Form button to enrol

  • Enrolment fees are $3.50 per class for WRRC riding school pupils and
  • $5.00 per class for non-pupils.
  • Show Jumping Classes are $10.00 for each jumping round
  • Ground fee is $8.00 per enrolment

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219 Coutts Island Rd Belfast, Christchurch 7670
Canterbury, New Zealand
PH: 0800 TREKS R US (0800 8735 7787)

Operating Hours

6.5 days a week every day of the year except Christmas Day

School Holiday Riding Program 

Our program is designed to assist children from 8 to 16 years to either learn to ride and care for our equine friends or to continue to improve their current riding skills in a friendly, fun and safe environment. The program has been running every school holidays since July 2008 and has been a great success.  Children of all ages and backgrounds have found the program fun, exciting and informative, as they get to learn and practice pony care, riding, games on ponies as well theory appropriate to their level of experience.  It runs from 9am to 3.00pm each two weeks of every School Holidays with the exception of the Summer break where it runs for three weeks.

The Annual Mini Show is a great opportunity for Children without ponies to get a taste of what it is like to compete in Equine competitions.  Children fortunate enough to have their own mounts are also welcome to come and enjoy a fun low key day which includes games, jumping and show rings. The Mini Show is now a separate event to the Holiday Program being held on the First Sunday after the summer program.

Mini Show 2024: January 28th. Start time 9am sharp.  Entry forms available from January 2024 online.  The Mini Show is a low key fun day with prize ribbons from 1st to 6th and is open to all comers with their own mounts.  WRRC mounts will be available to our Riding School students only.

All riding instructors are adults, with a range of equine and experience including, training, competing and teaching children to ride.

There is also an option of before and after Program care for the convenience of the parents to transport the children whilst still getting to work and home at the right time.

Dates for 2023 are:

April 10th to 14nd and April 17th to 21th

July 3rd to 7th and July 10th to 14nd

September 25th to 29th and October 2nd to 6th

Activities include but are not limited to:
- Gymkhana events (games on horseback e.g: egg and spoon race, barrel races etc)
- Overnight camp out! **
- Pony care (learn to look after your pony and the gear)
- Jumping (from beginner to experienced levels)
- Dressage
- Trail rides
- Prizes (for the daily competitions and most improved rider at the end of each week)
- Supervised swimming in the Waimakariri river with the ponies! **
- Certificates for each child with a photo of you and your pony! ***
- The Annual Mini show and Ribbon day; make sure you and your pony are dressed to impress!  

** - January/Summer holiday program only.

*** - Those attending a full week.

- $85 per day, per child
- $80 per day, per child, for 5 consecutive days (Full Week $400).

Bookings  are essential and available online, pre-payment is required to reserve your child's place in the Program. For more information please contact info@wrrc-ltd.com

What to Bring:

A complete change of clothing (including underwear and socks), a healthy lunch and drink, riding boots or shoes with a small heel (must be closed in shoes), sunscreen and sunglasses for spring and summer and gumboots, warm clothing –jacket, raincoat and gloves for spring, winter and autumn. Swimming gear, including river shoes, togs, sunblock and a towel for the January program.

We Provide:

Morning and afternoon teas.

Riding Helmets

Ponies, tack, grooming equipment and all other necessary equipment

Before and after Program care

And heaps of pony FUN & Education!


** There is usually one camp over night per week of the Summer Holiday Program (January). You will need to bring your own tent, sleeping bag and pillow as well as personal hygiene stuff (toothbrush etc.) and tent may be required.

Costs are $40.- per person

Only offered in the January program as it is too difficult to predict the weather at other times of year.

Swimming is always supervised by adults and where possible we ask that the children bring river shoes (shoes that they can happily get wet to protect their feet from the stones).  Sunblock is also essential.

Our Annual Mini Show will take place on Sunday January 29th.  The children get the opportunity to compete in show rings, jumping games and a fancy dress competition.   However they can still participate by paying the fees as listed in the Show Schedule which will be available 2 weeks prior to the show and posted on the Website.  It is always a fantastic fun day so don't miss out!  The Children get to choose what they want to enter with our guidance and of course which pony or ponies they can ride. Because there are a limited amount of ponies some will have different riders in various classes.  It is our goal to be as fair as possible to all the children and the ponies.  Friends and family are most welcome to come and support - be ware that it is often a warm day so sun hats and sunscreen as well as seating will need to be bought with you.  Unfortunately large umbrellas can often upset the horses and ponies unless they are a good distance away.

Our Mini Show is also open to children lucky enough to have their own ponies. A float parking area will be made available with an entrance off Dickeys Road.  This is a fun day so bring your smile and have a great time!

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