New Zealand Has announced a move to Level 2 on Thursday 14th of May, 2020, later. WRRC expects to reopen to the New Zealand public at Level 2, on this date, implementing a strict safety plan to ensure your safety and that of our staff.

Horse Trekking:
We are SUPER excited to be able to offer our services again once we move to Alert Level 2. Because we value your support and safety we have decided to operate “Bubble Treks” so anyone in the same or extended “bubble” can come and enjoy what used to be one of the most efficient modes of transport in bygone days – horse riding! However if there are people from different bubbles, that’s OK too as long as you following the golden rules. Personal distancing and washing and drying hands properly, we should all be safe and sound!
If you don’t have any riding experience – don’t worry! Our trusty mounts have provided safe and enjoyable experiences for 1000’s of first timers over the last 20 years. Come and give it a go!

Riding Lessons:
As we already offer riding lessons on a one-on-one basis social distancing is not a problem and these lessons will be available once we get to Level 2. So for all of you who are itching to get back in the saddle, the time is coming very soon! Or, if horse riding lessons are something you or a loved one have been thinking of trying, treat yourself! Please book online as usual so that our services can remain as contactless as possible. Gift cards and vouchers are also available.

If accompanying a client, but not participating in one of our services, please ensure that you record your details by scanning the QR code on the notice at the entrance. We would also ask that just one responsible adult accompanies a minor that may be having a lesson or going on a trek That way we have a great way of tracking all contacts whilst also maintaining privacy. We have done a great job getting to this level, so let’s make sure we continue to move down the Alert levels.

We can’t wait to see you all soon. Stay healthy and safe. Love from the WRRC team.

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