Riding through our beautiful trails is amazing at any time of the year. The colours change with the seasons and during the Autumn and Spring native birds often fly alongside our horses. We ride through the river whenever it is possible on all treks from 1 hour or longer. The cool, clear blue water makes for a picturesque and relaxing atmosphere in which to enjoy your ride. We cater to riders of all levels – whether it is your first time on a horse or your 100th, we have trails and horses suitable for all levels.

Bookings are essential and we require 24hrs notice of cancellation.

You can take the Blue Line bus north towards Rangiora/Kaipoi, and hop off at the last stop before the Motorway (aka The Belfast Hotel or The Peg which is the pub just before the corner of Dickeys Road). We are a 15 minute walk from this bus stop. There is a link to the bus time table in our FAQs page.

Fantail: River Ride – 1 hour $80 per person 
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Ideal for beginners to experienced riders, those in a group or on a team building excursion, trekking  can be relaxing and sociable or a bit more thrilling for those more capable. This ride is one of our most popular as it includes river crossing (as the river permits) woodland areas and open green spaces. Our horses love beginners as well as capable riders and the river is great for group and individual photos. You will get amazing views of the Waimakariri River and the Snow-capped Southern Alps in the winter, plus ride through beautiful natural bush and wide open spaces. Dubbed the “Fantail River Ride” because these very friendly little native birds will often follow us and swoop around the horses and riders. Keep an eye out for their distinctive black and white fanned tails.  This ride is suitable for children 10 years and over, younger children will be walked with or led.
Ride regularly using our 5 ride package for only $280 (From 1 March 2021 $320), that’s buy 4 and get 1 free!

Falcon: Extended River Ride – 2 hours $130 per person 
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Great for all levels of riders. Anyone from beginners to intermediate or experienced will enjoy this ride. We are able to explore more of our beautiful trails and the river bed, as well as taking in the gorgeous views on offer through all seasons. Our experienced guides will lead you through ever changing landscapes including the riverbed and crossings to enjoy the cool, aquamarine waters of the Waimakariri. Your level of capability sets the pace and if there are beginners in the group we endeavor to split the group during the ride, as best we can, so we can cater for all levels safely. For safety reasons we do ask that “unaccompanied” children must be 10 years or over.


Ride regularly using our 5 ride package for only $480 (From 1 March 2021 $520) , that’s buy 4 and get 1 free!

Kingfisher Half Day Ride – 4 hours including snack break $220 per person 
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Discover the majority of our trails and explore the river with your guide whilst taking in the amazing views North Canterbury has to offer. This ride caters to those of any level of riding, however beginners will find it physically challenging. We ask you to keep in mind that it is a very long time to spend in the saddle for those who are not accustomed to it so let your guide know if you would like a break. Multiple river crossing experiences may be available (river permitting). You choose the pace based on experience and capability.  During this ride you will get to know your guide and your horse very well, as well as enjoying the peace that comes from being surrounded by nature.

Unaccompanied children must be 15 years + unless previously agreed by the management.

Not suitable for younger children or first timers

Robin Ride – Half Hour $50 per person 
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Offered to groups of young children, or families, large international groups and Language Schools and those who may have time constraints, but also a great way to get a taste of riding for the first time! Children on ponies under the age of 10yrs are led by our friendly helpful staff who point out sights and birds of interest along the way. With large groups of tourists or language school students who may be first time riders and/or still find English challenging our fabulous staff will walk along beside the horses to give guidance and assistance as well taking photos along the way.

Jet Trek – Adults $150pp Children $135pp 

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Our Jet Trek is a unique combo including a 1 hour horse trek and a 20minute jet boat ride or air boat with Alpine Jet Thrills. You choose the pace of both the horse trek (based on the overall riding ability of the group) and the jet boat (which can be from Mild to Wild!). Allow 2 and a half hours for this combo adventure.

Pony rides:

Paddock Ride (10 mins) – $20pp.  Fabulous for the little ones either as a treat or a large group for a Birthday party. .  A great way to build up confidence. Children are led by staff in one of our many paddocks and depending on their level of confidence may experience a trot! Please call or email to book.
Chaffinch River and Back Ride (20 mins) – $40 per person. Awesome affordable treat, birthday party, or a family outing. Our guides will lead as required or walk along side and offer instruction and assistance. You can even bring your own birthday food and enjoy the use of our picnic area.  Please call or email to book.

What to Bring For your comfort please wear comfortable long trousers preferably not too tight (shorts and three quarter pants are NOT recommended), sturdy covered in shoes (sports shoes are acceptable if that is all you have) and other clothing appropriate for the weather on the day.  A camera (preferably one you can attach to yourself) to capture the sights.  Sunglasses are great for protecting your eyes from the sun and wind, sunblock to protect your skin and a big happy smile!. Can’t wait to see you here!

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