Currently all  available horses & ponies are being leased.
Have you always dreamed of owning your very own horse or pony? 🦄
Live the dream without the day to day care and maintenance, allowing you to continue your current work and lifestyle. The horse/pony remains in our care at our premises, but can be taken to pony club/competitions or events as the Riding Centre deems appropriate (transport, subscriptions and/or fees to be paid by the lessee).
We have several horses and ponies available for lease.  Have a look on our “Meet the Trekhorses” and “Meet the riding school horses and ponies” page to find out about their history and personalities.  

Potential lesee’s  must be competent in catching, tying, grooming and tacking up independently or with competent parental assistance and supervision.  At least one, 1 hour assessment lesson must be undertaken in order to determine current capability.  Ongoing lessons, at additional cost, are required to ensure the use of correct aides and that the horse/pony is ridden with empathy that meets the Riding Centre standards.

All you need to do to make an enquiry is send us an email or give us a call!

Phone: (03) 323-9064
Email: info@wrrc-ltd.com

Reviews and experiences

Ceridwen Parbery

Ceridwen Parbery

Leasing Tonne

I first came to the Waimak for a trek back in 2010, I enjoyed it so much I decided to take some adult riding lessons. I wanted to take things a step further, and started leasing, as I was working shifts and also travelling overseas every year, this worked out really well. Erika paired me with a horse to suit my confidence levels and riding ability (not great)
I was so lucky to be paired with Tonne one of the standardbred trek horses, as the staff all know, I am besotted with him! Over the past 9 years I have leased this amazing horse and my confidence has improved, also due to some excellent tuition from the riding instructors. I am now 60yrs old and plan to continue for many years to come. Although Tonne also takes out other riders on treks, I feel we have a special bond, as we do, and have spent a lot of time together over the years. The WRRC is a great place to be, we enjoy great rides out, we have open fields and for hot days we enjoy the forest and Waimak River. My horse particularly loves the river and splashes around a lot, ensuring I get as wet as he does. Tonne is extremely calm and reliant, as are many of the other horses and ponies. I am so glad I am doing this, even at a later stage in life. Leasing gives you the feeling of owning and bonding with your own horse.

Ceridwen Parbery & Tonne


Jennie & Kasper

Jennie & Kasper

Leasing Kasper

I first came to the Waimak River Riding Centre in 2020 for a holiday program, I had so much fun that I kept on begging my mum to let me go every holidays. I really loved riding with friends that I found while doing the program. One day I saw a group of girls who leased, ride their ponies in the arena and doing cool jumps, so I decided to take lessons and improve on my riding. I then started leasing Chesney the awesome pony!! He gave me confidence and taught me to ride even better each time. I continued to swap leases so I could find a pony that I really enjoyed. And that’s when I found Kasper! I am so lucky to lease him, he’s such a safe and brave little pony. Kasper takes care of whoever’s on his back and takes other children on lessons. He is awesome. It’s like having my own pony almost. I love every moment of it and getting to bond with your lease pony is so amazing! It’s almost impossible to stop riding once you’ve started and leasing is a great opportunity to continue your riding. -Jennie & Kasper
Riley & Breeze

Riley & Breeze

Leasing Breeze

Leasing at Waimak has been the coolest experience ever. In the holidays I’m their most of the time hanging with my friends and the horses, I’ve made so many great friends at Waimak including all of the amazing staff who treat us leasers like family. I’ve made so many great memories like 6.30 morning treks with the other leasers, swimming in the Waimak with the horses, hoons with staff, sleepovers and much much more. We get so many opportunities that others don’t like taking the horses to shows, early/late treks, riding with friends and more. There is so much more to leasing then just riding the horse. I’m so grateful to be able to lease at Waimak river riding centre.
Maisie & Diesel

Maisie & Diesel

Leasing Diesel

Leasing diesel has been the best thing ever he’s the sweetest pony with the kindest personality and always try’s his hardest. For me leasing diesel is like having a best friend who’s always looking out for me, he’s taught me so much along with the people who run Waimak who I consider family they are always so supportive and looking out for each other I’ll be forever grateful for the friends I’ve met through Waimak. Diesel is my best friend and I love him more than words can even begin to explain.
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