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Q: Do you cater for adults or children who have never ridden before?
A: Absolutely;we have taken thousands of clients from all over the world both adults and children, who have never ridden before. Our horses are calm and well trained and love taking out beginner riders.

Q: Is there a bus service to the riding centre?
A: The closest bus stops at the Belfast Tavern (The Peg) on the Main North Road. This is a Blue line bus; click this link for a timetable. We are a 20 minute walk from this stop.

Q: How can we find you?
A: If driving, please follow the directions found on our website (bottom corner of every page) or use your GPS. Our physical address is 219 Coutts Island Road, Belfast, Christchurch.

Q: Are you open on Public Holidays?
A: Yes – we are open MOST public holidays except Christmas and Boxing Day!

Q: What type of payments do you accept?
A: Our booking system on our website allows for credit and debit card payments only. We can take Visa and Mastercard only and will accept bank transfers using your device. Cash payment and Eftpos are also accepted. Prior payment when booking will secure your ride. Unless otherwise agreed with management.

Q: How much notice do you need for cancellations?
A: 24 hours or at the discretion of the Management.

Q: Do you provide riding clothes, boots, and helmets?
A: We definitely provide NZ and Australian Approved Safety helmets, and although it is NOT a legal requirement in NZ to wear a helmet whilst riding (over 14 years of age), we strongly encourage their use. You only have one head!  Although we do not offer riding clothes or boots, we may be able to provide appropriate footwear or trousers on request. We understand that when you are travelling you can’t pack for every possibility, so if you need something more suitable please let us know using the special requirements section of our booking form. Wet weather gear and warm gloves are available when appropriate.

 Q: Is there a weight limit?
A: Yes :

95kg – 1hr Fantail trek

90kg – 2hr Falcon Extended River Ride

 80kg – Riding School Lessons

Horses in our riding centre work hard day after day and even with regular breaks and good tack, one of the most difficult challenges for us is ensuring horses don’t develop sore backs.

However, a tall, experienced rider, who may exceed the weight limit, may ride very light on the horse’s back. So, please do check with us first.


Sometimes there is a limit on the number of heavier riders which can be accepted on any given date, so please email or call to check availability when there are more riders just under or over the weight limit.

Q: Why do you need to know our height/weight/level of riding ability?

A: This will assist us greatly in determining the most suitable horse for you. Not every horse is going to suit each persons height, weight or level of riding ability


Q: What is the age limit?
A: We do not have an age limit as such, it all depends on each individuals level of physical ability and health. Our oldest horse trek client was 81 years old. Children under the age of 10 years will always be lead for safety reasons unless they can demonstrate effective control of the pony. Very young children ( 1 to 3 year olds can have pony rides as long as an adult is holding onto them for safety reasons.


Q: Are children allowed to ride on the same horse as an adult?
A: Because we care about your safety, this is not permitted. However we are happy to put children on appropriate sized ponies and lead them for all rides under 2 hours.

Q: Do you cater to people with disabilities?
A: We have regularly had groups from Autism New Zealand come for pony rides also groups from Van Ash School for the Deaf as well as a group of blind and partially blind people for a 1 hour trek. We have also taken out a lovely American woman who mostly dependent on a wheel chair.  People are required to be able to balance independently whilst sitting on the horse. So depending on the type of disability, we are happy to try and accommodate most. Please provide details in the special requirements section of the booking form and/or feel free to call us to discuss requirements.

Q: Do your treks still run if it is raining?

A: It is important to call us if you have concerns about the weather on the day. It is not uncommon for it to be raining in the city but not at our place. If clients still want to go we can usually oblige however, if we feel that the weather will compromise the safety of the trek, we will contact you to cancel in which case refunds are available if you are unable to reschedule. Please make sure you give us a contact number.  If you don’t have a NZ capable mobile, then the number of your accommodation provider would be helpful.

Q: Do your treks go through the river?
A: This is always a highlight, however we must be sure we have a safe place to cross. If the river is in flood crossings are not possible and may not be for several days at a time.  All treks from one hour and above have this possibility, unless the guides feel that the riders do not have enough control over their horses or the riders require walkers or leaders.

Q: Can we do more than just a walk on a trek?
A: We always try to cater for all levels of riding ability. Please see the definitions on our booking page. We understand many people want to experience the exhilaration of going fast on a horse, but this requires both fitness and skill. Please let your guide know if you wish to try going faster.  Our experienced guides will assess how safe  it is likely to be for you and others in the group and have the right to decide what pace to take.  However for safety reasons we will have to adjust the level to the lowest level rider in a group. If you have booked as intermediate or any higher level of experience we will do our best to ensure you have a ride that reflects this. Or you can book a private trek to ensure that you will get the ride to reflect your level. Please remember to try not to over-estimate your riding ability as this may disadvantage you and others in the group.


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219 Coutts Island Rd Belfast, Christchurch 7670
Canterbury, New Zealand
PH: 0800 TREKS R US (0800 8735 7787)

Operating Hours

6.5 days a week every day of the year except Christmas Day

School Holiday Riding Program 

Our program is designed to assist children from 8 to 16 years to either learn to ride and care for our equine friends or to continue to improve their current riding skills in a friendly, fun and safe environment. The program has been running every school holidays since July 2008 and has been a great success.  Children of all ages and backgrounds have found the program fun, exciting and informative, as they get to learn and practice pony care, riding, games on ponies as well theory appropriate to their level of experience.  It runs from 9am to 3.00pm each two weeks of every School Holidays with the exception of the Summer break where it runs for three weeks.

The Annual Mini Show is a great opportunity for Children without ponies to get a taste of what it is like to compete in Equine competitions.  Children fortunate enough to have their own mounts are also welcome to come and enjoy a fun low key day which includes games, jumping and show rings. The Mini Show is now a separate event to the Holiday Program being held on the First Sunday after the summer program.

Mini Show 2024: January 28th. Start time 9am sharp.  Entry forms available from January 2024 online.  The Mini Show is a low key fun day with prize ribbons from 1st to 6th and is open to all comers with their own mounts.  WRRC mounts will be available to our Riding School students only.

All riding instructors are adults, with a range of equine and experience including, training, competing and teaching children to ride.

There is also an option of before and after Program care for the convenience of the parents to transport the children whilst still getting to work and home at the right time.

Dates for 2023 are:

April 10th to 14nd and April 17th to 21th

July 3rd to 7th and July 10th to 14nd

September 25th to 29th and October 2nd to 6th

Activities include but are not limited to:
- Gymkhana events (games on horseback e.g: egg and spoon race, barrel races etc)
- Overnight camp out! **
- Pony care (learn to look after your pony and the gear)
- Jumping (from beginner to experienced levels)
- Dressage
- Trail rides
- Prizes (for the daily competitions and most improved rider at the end of each week)
- Supervised swimming in the Waimakariri river with the ponies! **
- Certificates for each child with a photo of you and your pony! ***
- The Annual Mini show and Ribbon day; make sure you and your pony are dressed to impress!  

** - January/Summer holiday program only.

*** - Those attending a full week.

- $85 per day, per child
- $80 per day, per child, for 5 consecutive days (Full Week $400).

Bookings  are essential and available online, pre-payment is required to reserve your child's place in the Program. For more information please contact info@wrrc-ltd.com

What to Bring:

A complete change of clothing (including underwear and socks), a healthy lunch and drink, riding boots or shoes with a small heel (must be closed in shoes), sunscreen and sunglasses for spring and summer and gumboots, warm clothing –jacket, raincoat and gloves for spring, winter and autumn. Swimming gear, including river shoes, togs, sunblock and a towel for the January program.

We Provide:

Morning and afternoon teas.

Riding Helmets

Ponies, tack, grooming equipment and all other necessary equipment

Before and after Program care

And heaps of pony FUN & Education!


** There is usually one camp over night per week of the Summer Holiday Program (January). You will need to bring your own tent, sleeping bag and pillow as well as personal hygiene stuff (toothbrush etc.) and tent may be required.

Costs are $40.- per person

Only offered in the January program as it is too difficult to predict the weather at other times of year.

Swimming is always supervised by adults and where possible we ask that the children bring river shoes (shoes that they can happily get wet to protect their feet from the stones).  Sunblock is also essential.

Our Annual Mini Show will take place on Sunday January 29th.  The children get the opportunity to compete in show rings, jumping games and a fancy dress competition.   However they can still participate by paying the fees as listed in the Show Schedule which will be available 2 weeks prior to the show and posted on the Website.  It is always a fantastic fun day so don't miss out!  The Children get to choose what they want to enter with our guidance and of course which pony or ponies they can ride. Because there are a limited amount of ponies some will have different riders in various classes.  It is our goal to be as fair as possible to all the children and the ponies.  Friends and family are most welcome to come and support - be ware that it is often a warm day so sun hats and sunscreen as well as seating will need to be bought with you.  Unfortunately large umbrellas can often upset the horses and ponies unless they are a good distance away.

Our Mini Show is also open to children lucky enough to have their own ponies. A float parking area will be made available with an entrance off Dickeys Road.  This is a fun day so bring your smile and have a great time!

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