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Alpine Jet Thrills


Jet boat Tours, combos with horse trekking and helicopters

CG Horseshoeing Farrier Service

Chris Green Farrier

An honest, professional, reliable business that provides and meets all aspects of your horses footcare. 

Alan’s Horse Dentistry

Alan Vliet Vlieland


Janine Cumming – Animal Motion NZ



Specializing in equine, canine and feline services, Animal Motion NZ is bringing a modern, diversified and friendly approach to improving your animal’s wellbeing through chiropractic therapy.


Riding Coach, Jean Harris, qualified and recommended.

Similar to Bill Noble because originally trained by the same people. Many years training and teaching in England and France. Also worked some years in Austria for Johanne Riegler of the Spanish Riding School.
– As well as higher levels I am happy to start riders in dressage or just improve their riding.

Contact Jean via Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/JeanHarrisRidingCoach/?fref=ts

Jean is also a wonderful artist: https://humanandhorse.co.nz/equine-artist/jean-harris/

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