Alpine Jet Thrills

Jet boat Tours, combos with horse trekking and helicopters

Selwyn Forge

Selwyn Forge is a farrier and blacksmithing service operating out of Canterbury, owned and operated. 


Alan’s Horse Dentistry

Alan Vliet Vlieland


Janine Cumming – Animal Motion NZ



Specializing in equine, canine and feline services, Animal Motion NZ is bringing a modern, diversified and friendly approach to improving your animal’s wellbeing through chiropractic therapy.



Christchurch travel guide

Christchurch Tourism | Christchurch Guide






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219 Coutts Island Rd Belfast, Christchurch 7670
Canterbury, New Zealand
PH: 0800 TREKS R US (0800 8735 7787)

Operating Hours

6 days a week every day of the year except Christmas Day, Boxing day and New Years day.

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