WHY a Sponsorship:


You are able to sponsor a horse no matter where you are in the world!

It gives you the opportunity to have a teambuilding outdoor experience (see below)

It can be Tax Deductable

Your contribution to these horses will help us in maintaining their high quality of life and retirement from the racing industry.

It gives you the opportunity to give back to your wider community and support a small local business trying to rise above the challenges that COVID 19 has faced us with.

You can choose to do a one time sponsorship payment, weekly or even yearly payments, whatever works best for you! But you can also choose to sponsor food for the horse(s) like hay, chaff, Balance Pallets, Power Plus or any thing that will help support a quality retirement.

Feel free to send us an email if you have suggestions. Like any other equestrian business, equipment (wheelbarrow, rake, shovel, buckets, chainsaw repairs etc.) and materials (fencing rails, poles, electric tape, gates repairs etc.) are very welcome!

We are super appreciative of any support at all.


HOW MUCH does a horse cost:

The sponsorship option is completely at your discretion, you may provide the amount of support that suits you best. If you choose to do a recurring payment, the timing is also up to you.

The cost of hay and basic care per horse works out to be approximately $70 dollars per week, meaning $280 per month for us. Vet bills can sometimes be sky high as well and that is not included in our weekly average.

Our goal is to gain enough support in the way of sponsorships and donations that each horse is allocated $280 per month. Once we have achieved our goal for a given horse we will decline additional sponsorship for that horse.

When you sponsor any horse(s) for a minimum of value of $1680 over a one year period, we would love that you join us with 8 of your friends, family or colleagues for a trek or group riding lesson, great teambuilding experience!

WHAT horse(s) to pick


Each of our horses is an individual with their own history and story to tell. Just like you and I, they all have their own personalities, friends, likes and dislikes. Maybe it’ll be their name, good looks, or overwhelming size that catches your eye, take a read through their profiles to find out!

ONCE you chosen your horse(s):

Great! You have picked your horse. Now please click on orange button to proceed.

Thank you for supporting our small business, it is very much appreciated!


WHEN you want to donate:

Any donation is more that welcome! Just use the green button below.


HOW to sponsor or Donate:

Please click on the orange button for a sponsorship and fill out the form so we can set up a Sponsor agreement for you IA, or you can use the form to ask any questions or suggestions.

We will send the form to you by email.

The green button helps you to our donation site.

Thank you for supporting our small business, it is much appreciated!


Hi I am Chip 14 year old TB cross, and born on the property!

Hi I am Ace 24 year old Standardbred, and here from the start of WRRC!

Hi I am Harry 29 year old Standardbred and retired, and here since the start of WRRC!

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